Cerilious's GM application

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Cerilious's GM application

Post  cerilious on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:31 am



Position: GM

Contact :cerilious@gmail.com

Location:California, east of sacromento
Time Zone:pacific

Why Pick Me:I never get mad, I enjoy searching for ways to help people
Experience:I have been a GM on two servers. iexplore MS(which caught on fire) and on artiq ms as an inten
Your ability in working with others:I've very good and understanding what people need, expecialy when they don't.
Your ability in working alone:I hope everything I will be doing will be with others, but I would love to learn what else I can do
Can i code: I'm taking a class in spring, and I am extremely willing to learn
Examples if needed:I'm stupid but I could do boring tasking such as writing in adresses.(or somethin)
Hours Online:As many as posible, I do home school so I can work in the middle of the days on week days.
Latest Servers GM in:I explore ms. It was fun because there 30 people on at a time, and I could host events
Any other Info about Me:I can start right now,


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