Pocky's GM Application (Krystal :P)

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Pocky's GM Application (Krystal :P)

Post  Pocky~Krystal on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:23 pm

Name: Krystal Park

Age: 14

IGN: Pocky king

My Personality:
I'm really helpful and when someones calls for me for help I WILL FLY TO YOUR RESCUE >:O (I also act high sometimes x3) But when you get to know me I'll be your favorite GM Very Happy (haha they like me better ^-^)

Why do I want to be a GM?:
I want to be a GM because I love helping other players and I think I will be a very good GM and make your server and better and more playful place to train, chat etc~
I am also very active so I'll be helping players everyday.

Do I have any experience?:
I've been and GM intern and a GM (Level4) in two different servers so as you can see I am VERY experienced with this kind of work ;D and i hope you choose me to be a GM too.

How do I deal with hackers?:
First I would search for hackers (in hide) in large and high-spawn maps where hackers like to train.
Then I usually take SS of this hacker hacking and post it on the forums and then BOOOOOOM I ban them Razz

I usually go "Hacker Hunting" everyday to ensure that no hackers disturb other players

I love you I hope you'll choose me LATERS I love you


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Re: Pocky's GM Application (Krystal :P)

Post  IikuKega on Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:25 pm

Well, This was interesting too read, I nearly cracked up reading the part where you act high and mighty :3. I'm guessing you have a pretty small chance like others since most Game Master applications are so similar, who knows, maybe you will, maybe you won't. <3. Only time will tell.

-Game Master IikuKega-

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