xLastOnex's Apllication for GM - Aplicacion de xLastOnex para ser GM

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xLastOnex's Apllication for GM - Aplicacion de xLastOnex para ser GM

Post  zodiak43 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:29 pm

-Full Name: Carlos Diaz

-Age: 13.9

-Birthday: Novemember 7th

-Languages Spoken: English,Espanish

-Dominating Language: Espanish

-My Character Name: xLastOnex

-Are you single: Yes i am Very Happy

-How time i can be on: well i can be on when i come back from school and in the weekends i live in my computer xD

-What make the server the best?: that it have very friendly people and friendly gm them give me a hand when i need i they can speak with me spanish if i need them.

-Why i want to be GM?: Well, i want to be gm because the gm is like a best friend cuase the users go to tell him his problems and him can help them with all they need. Im a very friendly guy i will service all the people that need my attetion and i can make friend of all in very short time. Also me like GM i will make them have a great time and if i been chosen to be GM i will ask for the events that the people want and the prices but im not gonna give something that the ADM dont want.

-Do you have any prior experience?: Yes i was a GM (level 4,ADM,Owner) in this servers: TruestoryMS, TruestoryMSs(the revolution), VillaMS, NaNoMs and i make my own server name ImpossibleMS v55(but i deleted it) and IncaKolaMS v62 but i got a rollback in my computer so the server is in the home of my friend but i dont play it and i am the owner xD, he play alone xD)

-How did you discover this server?: My friend lRenXo was talking to me about maple private server and then he tell me that he was playing a private server named MyMaple and i want to try it and it like me.

-How will you improve this server: How i say before i got experience with server so i can give the server, scripts,maps and other things.
I can help persons with errors they got when they enter to the gamer like that appears something like outdating or that the server is not on but it is on. I got experience in the problems cause they happen to me.

-Can u bring people to the server: Yes i can tell to my friends the they are 24/7 and my people of other server and i post the maple in forums to people see it.

How i deal with a hacker?: if someone tell me that she or he saw a hacker i will go to him or her and i will talk to him or her. i will jail him or her for a week and if he o she hacks again with the same account or other account i will ban him but if u hacked very bad i will ban him or her in one.

-Something about me: im a Peruvian and dont speak fluency the english but i can be understand, so im telling u to forgive me for the errors i got in my application but im learning very fast. i play verry well the soccer (im in the team of my school Very Happy) i play volleyball and i play the guitar and electric guitar.

-My Msn: for something u want to talk about with me u can send me a email or chat in cadz1995@hotmail.com (and the girls that are interesting in me ur are welcome in my msn) xD

Thanks for ur time but That's all folks Very Happy

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