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xXJameXx GM Application

Post  xXJameXx on Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:58 pm

Name: Jame

Age: (16 )

Gender: (female)

Experience: Well i've Played About 20 or 30 different private servers. i have been a GM in 4 Different servers. i have also helped advertise and did graphics for 3 different servers. I also am able to code. (not very well but i know what to do). i also have 4 years of playing GMS i have a 75 WK a 123 hero and a 102 hermit.i also know all of The Pack amd rick pack GM commands by heart. i was also admin of 2 other servers. i am available monday through sunday up until the 26th of august then i am avaiable friday saturday sunday all day and monday through friday 2:45pm to whenever.

Why do you want to become a Staff member? I would like to be a staff memebr because i would like to improve and be apart of the MyMaple MS staff. I am also able to find and eliminate hackers as quick as possible. also help out the public in the game so it is easier for them when they ahve problems. i would also like to become a gm because i have alot of time on my hands now that i broke my back. i would also like ot become part of the staff so that i can advertise the server and make the server new graphics and give it new ideads so that the server is able to grow bigger and stronger thus making it a super duper private server.

Additional Notes: i can speak english and spansih and i think i wud be a great part to the team. i wud also be able to provide a K.o.C package for the server to post in there download section to use. i will put my gm powers to good use. i am able to figure out any problem that someone throws my way. and if i can not figure out the problem right away i put all of my energy into figuring it out

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