iForever's Awesome GM Application xD !

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iForever's Awesome GM Application xD !

Post  iForever on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:44 pm

Name : My name is Derek

IGN: My name will be iForever when i start .

Age: 16

Location: Canada , Ontario

Time zone: I dont really know :[

Tell us about yourself: i like private servers and i am a wonderful , helpful and respectful member

How long have you been playing MyMaple? I am aparently a new member of MyMaple <3 Very Happy

How many hours are you able to play?I play from 3-12

How do you think you can help the MyMaple community?I would is make many events as i could and help people if they need help .

Do you have any previous experience as GM? ya, a little i been playing MapleZtory for like 2 to 3 years . Thanks to all the people that enjoyed me application and do not And Remember that i copyed this from my old server that i got accepted xD . . . .And the last thing ill say is i hope you guys dont see any mistakes like MapleZtory in it xD . By : iForever


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